Have you ever had a DZI Agate Stone?

Humans Pain Points

  • Are you frustrated because you are perhaps at a point in life that no matter how hard you work, exhaust yourself, and have very little left inside you, yet you haven’t even eyed the stone of success?
  • Is the love of your life around you and still more distant than ever, and you don’t know what else you can do to make them love you back?
  • Are you anxious to bring your baby into the world, or scared about its health?

People around you may carry more than just a pair of eyes- a third eye, the evil eye follows you that you probably need protection from.

Dzi (pronounced Zee) is a Tibetan term that is used to describe a patterned shape, usually agate, mostly oblong, round, cylindrical or tubular. The meaning of the word "Dzi" in Tibetan translates to "shine, brightness, clearness, splendor".


What are its benefits?

They are dark, with grafts of magical power and fortunate symbols like a number of eyes and patterns from the sky on them. It is said that Dzi stones do a variety of things:

Ø  Dzi beads' popularity is in their healing and healing power, their improvement and protection. They were often ground up and used for healing, or small bits were chipped out of them alternately.

Ø  Owners can feel healthy, fortunate, wealthy and well-being.

Ø  Some protect their wearer from bad energies or accidents, while others may bring you love and happiness.

Ø  There are scientific speculations, including therapies that use heat to darken the stone or bleaching patterns.











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